Who we are

That was in the year 1989, a group of youngsters, who were basically non-believers, made a visit to an ashram called “Iraivan Bhoomi” (Land of God) at Somangalam, near Chennai, and started asking Paramaguru Sri Sankara Bhagavad Pada, the prime disciple of Sri Amma Bhagavan, with a volley of questions about spirituality, God and the Bhagavad Dharma.

Atheists turned theists

Paramaguru Sri Sankara Bhagavad Pada with his acumen answered every one of those questions that were haunting all those present then. The group was so convinced that it took up a pledge to serve at the Lotus Feet of Sri Kalki for the fulfillment of His Great Sankalpa of bestowing MUKTHI (Liberation/Enlightenment).

Choosing Bhakthi Sankeerthans…

When there are several ways to reach God, this group chose Sankeerthan Yajna, the simplest way in this Yuga to receive the Grace of Sri Amma Bhagavan, which will ultimately move humans into a state of Oneness which will be the herald of Golden Age.

With a humble beginning…

With a humble beginning, in the rice mill of the Dharmaguru Sri Rameshji, Sri Amma Bhagavan Bhajans and Poojas were conducted, in the Divine Presence of none other than Poojya Matha Sri Vaidarbi Amma and Poojya Pitha Sri Varadarajulu.

First ever Kalki Temple at a rural area

Sri Amma Bhagavan on witnessing this group, belonging to Nemam, the Swagramam (native place) of Sri Kalki Bhagavan, performing with utter devotion, spreading Their message to villages and towns, gave a nod to build a Temple at Nemam.

Sri Rameshji along with his nine grahastha ‘Nemam Dasas’ built the first Kalki Temple of that region. That was a simple but marvelous temple under thatched-roof.

The first ever ‘Kalki Mukthi Mandap’…

Then with the blessings of Sri Amma Bhagavan, ‘Kalki Mukthi Mandap’ was established, drawing tens and thousands of people from across the globe for the Rohini Poojas, Parinama Yajnas conducted by Paramacharya; Thursday Poojas, Vara Yajnas conducted by Sri Raviji and Sri Rameshji. These spiritual activities culminated in sending people in large numbers to Jeevashram, the SATYALOK ( then Divine abode of Sri Kalki), where spiritual classes were conducted. In the Nemam Temple premises, Sri Kalki Bhagavan and Sri Amma had given Darshans on several occasions.

Yajnas, poojas, spiritual classes, processions, publications

On all Sri Kalki functions at Nemam, thousands of people thronged the temple and rows of vehicles were parked all along Thirumalisai-Tiruvallore High Road. Many miracles happened; many got spiritual experiences; many men were set free from their sufferings; many people were transformed; many were cured; many got relieved of their financial crises. Above all many witnessed and enjoyed the presence of the Lord.

Also many spectacular processions on special occasions were undertaken.

The Nemam Bhajan Group conducted Kalki Bhajans at Seerani Arangam which was in Marina beach, Chennai, attracting the public in large numbers.

Then on behalf of Kalki Movement, this group arranged a big event at Kamarajar Tidal (Congress Grounds), Teynampet, Anna Salai. In the presence of Paramacharya Sri Sankara Bhagavad Pada, Sri Amma Bhagavan Bhajans were sung by the Nemam Bhajan Group and other devotees. A lot of prominent people participated and received the Grace and Blessings of Sri Amma Bhagavan.

The “Golden Age of Kalki” in English and “Kalki Dharmam” in Tamil, “Swarna Yugam” in Telugu, the official monthly magazines of Sri Kalki Movement and several Sri Amma Bhagavan Bhajan books were published and many audio-cassettes were released and Sri Murthys were brought out under the name of “Kalki Publishing House”by this group.

Nemam Bhajans were and are written and sung by this Nemam Bhajan Group with the Blessings of Sri Amma Bhagavan. As this is the sankalpa of Sri Amma Bhagavan, millions of devotees received the Grace of Sri Amma Bhagavan through these Bhajans.

Facilitators to Sanyasa Order

During the trying times and after, Nemam Bhajan Group stood as pillars of `Bhagavad Dharma’. Then the Sanyasa Order took the reign and the grahastha dasas assumed the role of facilitators for this Sanyasa Order.

The second spell of Nemam Bhajan Group

Sri Amma Bhagavan Sankeerthana Yajna by Sri Amma Bhagavan Nemam Bhajan Group started its second spell of its journey from Kamaraj Hall on 19th of September 2012, blessed by Sri Amma Bhagavan to spread Kalki Dharma. On the same day a new song book entitled “ Sri Amma Bhagavan Anugraha Sankeerthanangal” and a music CD – “ Sri Amma Bhagavan Anugraha Sankeerthanangal” were released. The Sankeerthana Yajnas were conducted rigorously at various places, including the temples of other deities, old age homes, homes for destitutes and orphans. These Yajnas evoked much interest and enthusiasm among the people who participated. The Sri Amma Bhagavan Nemam Bhajan Group has been conducting such Sankeerthana Yajnas at the lengths and breadths of Tamilnadu and neighbouring States. This group has been performing these Yajnas at multifarious places including far away remote villages twice a month, apart from mega programmes conducted at Natham and Kamaraj Hall. During this Yajna process, many got Avirbava; many miracles did happen.




A phenomenon – a glorious Golden Ball - emerged before a glowing toddler of 3 years old in Natham. It started urging the infant to chant a particular Manthra (of course it is not yet revealed to the mundane world) for 21 long years. The radiant child was none other than our Sri Bhagavan. Then the Manthra suddenly stopped. The Golden Ball reappeared in 1989 at Sathlalok. It started giving teachings, the revelations, upon which the Oneness Movement and Oneness University are founded, guided and molded.

KALKI – Sri Amma Bhagavan

The golden Ball revealed that it is in fact KALKI, the destroyer of darkness, falsehood and ignorance. Kalki brings to limelight the lost insights of ancient teachings. It revealed that this phenomenon has evolved over 850 years and its functions have been carried out by six beings. The sixth and the last one being our Sri Amma Bhagavan.


Kalki changes the vital controlling factors of human beings so as to make individuals feel fulfilled. The fulfillment may lead them to transformation, which in turn will render freedom. The freedom will take them to the state of awakening only to reach up the highest state of ONENESS.

The herald of Golden Age

Moving humans into a state of Oneness is the herald of Golden Age.


Sankeerthana Yajna

In this Golden Age, with the magnanimity of Sri Amma Bhagavan in His Massive Coming, God’s appearance and presence could be felt or even physically seen by every human being, irrespective of gender, caste, creed and religion. It was once thought that it was meant only for a chosen few such as saints, devotees, through a prolonged period extending to several years even and rough and tough methods, such as penance, meditation, multifarious rituals.

Several ways to attain His Lotus Feet

Of course these methods may be suitable for such devoted people but for a common man with his day to day pressing problems, may not find time to even think about God. Sri Amma Bhagavan is so compassionate that He opens up all gates to attain Him. Sri Amma Bhagavan in an interview with the psychotherapist, Dr. Mitchell Jay Rabin of ‘A Better World’, explained thus:… in the near future through various art forms like paintings, songs and dance directly or through telecommunications (such as Television), one can attain even Mukthi.

Sri Kalki Sankeerthana Yajnas: the easy path

Sri Kalki Sankeerthana Yajnas may facilitate to attain this. The fact that the holy Sankeerthans and divine dances will be prevalent in this Yuga had been envisaged by Nammalwar some centuries ago.

The Sankeerthans are incited by Sri Kalki and scripted by ordinary people who had penned down the spiritual experiences they had, which were revealed by the Lord; many of which may be true to scores of people. So, by engrossing, immersing and involving oneself in the profound meaning of these songs, one may experience Avirbhava (See also Avirbhava (Manifestation)). Once the Omnipotent ‘God’ is discovered inside one’s heart, every other thing will happen automatically auspiciously.

This Sankeerthana Yajna is conducted for FREE by Sri Amma Bhagavan Nemam Bhajan group, as it is felt that the joy and bliss experienced by this group must reach the people in need, ending their sufferings to lead a happy life.

Happenings in Sankeerthana Yajna

This is the Yajna, where the Lord Himself comes down to you and accepts you with His Supreme Grace, bestowing blessings and BLISS. All our mental blocks will be removed and all karmas will be got rid of and sins will be annihilated and His Supreme Love will be experienced. The physical and mental sufferings will be eliminated and our strained relationships will be set right. The deities, silence, peace, happy state or bliss will manifest themselves as Antharyamin – AVIRBHAVA. Above all, the Omnipresent Sri Kalki will be there at your dwelling all Himself all the time and will give you all boons even before you ask for them, guiding you all through your life. Ultimately, He will bestow MUKTHI, the highest goal of every human being!

Listen to the following song, which accounts all these.

The Sankeerthana journey so far…

During these Yajnas, countless miracles do happen (see also Miracles). Also one’s destiny will be changed during the Yajnas. Such Sankeerthana Yajna journeys have been undertaken throughout Tamilnadu in various areas including remote villages and neighbouring States. Sri Amma Bhagavan Nemam Bhajan Group conducts its major events at Natham, the Birth Place of Sri Kalki and Kamaraj Hall situated at Teynampet, Chennai. Also it performs the Sankeerthans at far away places, making sometimes the bullock carts as its platform!

Contact us

Those who would like to have these Sankeerthana Yajnas may contact us at: admin@fotog.org / +91 9600011911

Our Requirement

The only requirement is: the venue for conducting the Yajna and the public address system.


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